Luu Breeze Interview

Luu Breeze Talks To ThatMixtape.com

ThatMixtape.com: Which artists influenced you the most growing up?

Luu Breeze: Tupac was my biggest influence and Jay z right behind him but im just an overall fan of hip hop in general.


ThatMixtape.com:What was the process of selecting beats, writing and recording for This Time Tomorrow?

Luu Breeze:The process was my brother Daniel Worthy and I working from evening till early morning on beats. I knew this time with this project I had to showcase all of me so I knew the only way I was going to do that was if I sat down with producers and built shit from the ground up or at least be there with them and really figure out the sound we were going for. It just so happen that my brother was mostly all I needed and then any other production I just made sure it was in the same realm as the rest. That made the writing that much easier.

ThatMixtape.com:What's your favorite song off of This Time Tomorrow and why?

Luu Breeze:I Have a few Favourites but I would have to say King KONG is my #1 though. I feel like its a statement record like "I'm here and I aint going nowhere type shit and that I'm bigger than King kong I'm a different creature, a different animal and thats how I feel being an artist from toronto or even canada in general. I feel like on every aspect I stand out from the rest. Not to take anything away from anybody else doing their thing but with worthy in my corner its not fair lol. Sorry !

ThatMixtape.com:How did Morocco II featuring Wiz Khalifah come about?

Luu Breeze:Morocco Was a joint that leaked from Wiz and I spoke with the producer of the record (Sledgren) and basically told him it leaked but it didnt do much and kind of just fizzled out so I layed down a verse and added some shit. I talk to sledgren regularly and will be working with him very soon.

ThatMixtape.com:Were there any other. artists you would have chose to feature on the project and on what song?

Luu Breeze:Yes! I would have loved to have a LEGEND such as BUN B on demolition man since we had Marcus Representing for the H town on there . A joint with Kendrick Lamar wouldve been dope too, maybe put him on LovemeluvUshonuff. Overall I'm glad there wasnt that many features though because I wanted this project to showcase me as the writer and as an all around artists.

ThatMixtape.com:What was it like working with Boi 1da?

Luu Breeze:Its Good ....Le Confidence is a big record

ThatMixtape.com:Which producers would you like to work with on your next project?

Luu Breeze:Daniel Worthy, Sledgren, T Minus, Burd & Keyz and Arthur McArthur. An Outro By Daniel Worthy & T Minus together on a beat (Pause) lol

ThatMixtape.com:How important are social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to your career?

Luu Breeze:SUPER IMPORTANT! These are the new outlets of the new world we live in.

ThatMixtape.com:If you could get a co-sign from any artist, producer or dj who would it be?

Luu Breeze:Kanye West I think he is an amazing artist and respect his craft to the fullest.

ThatMixtape.com:What mixtape(s) are you listening to right now?

Luu Breeze:Other than mine I'm not really listening to any mixtapes just albums. Nas's new album "Life is Good" is Hard as well as the MMG Selfmade 2 album.

ThatMixtape.com:What's your thoughts on the hip hop scene in Toronto?

Luu Breeze:Its alright! I think there are more better producers than there are artist to be honest. The ones doin their thing right now in the city are P Dollaz,Hardbody, Strizzy, SeSe, Devon Tracy, Harvey stripes, A GAme and Shi Wisdom just to name a few. I tip my hat off to them and hopefully we all can make it where we want to be.

ThatMixtape.com:Do you think blog sites have replaced the DJ?

Luu Breeze:Ummm if not yet they're about to it seems but the DJ is still a must have and a must need because the clubs will never die out. Everybodys always gonna want to have a good time and hear there favorite songs.

ThatMixtape.com:What are your top 3 mixtapes of all time?

Luu Breeze:Young Jeezy Trap Or Die 2, Young Jeezy the real is back & Lil Wayne The Dedication.

ThatMixtape.com:Who is your favorite mixtape DJ?

Luu Breeze: Dj Drama

ThatMixtape.com:Tell us about 1PM

Luu Breeze:1PM ( 1stPartyMusic) is a family of young kings who wont settle for less and will make it in this life and the next by any means necessary. Future of Music!

ThatMixtape.com:Is the plan to stay independent or sign with a major?

Luu Breeze:If the Papers right a major sounds nice



ThatMixtape.com:Drake or Chris Brown?

Luu Breeze:I'm a fan of both so they need to either settle shit in a boxing ring or just make a damn #1 record and call it a night.

ThatMixtape.com: S/O's?

Luu Breeze:Shout outs to 1PM, MUF, CPG, AMG, ThatMixtape.com and everybody who took time to download my new project "ThisTimeTomorrow" if you havent got it yet its live at www.itsluubreeze.com